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How to Remove Animals from the Loft

Whenever you feel like there is a party in your loft; chances are high that there are animals living there. Animals love the attic because it is usually a safe, warm and dry place where they can live comfortably away from predators. However, pests in loft love to scamper and scratch mostly during the night. Apart from animals that squeak at night, rodents and squirrels also pose a health threat to you and your loved ones.

In addition to having animals that make loud noises, they can chew through your wires creating a serious fire hazard. For this reason, it is important that you learn of the best ways in which you can humanely, safely and effectively get rid of animals in your attic.

Know the kind of animal in your loft

Attics are with no doubt strange and hidden places. This is the place where you store items that wild animals can hide inside. Before you make a move, it is imperative that you identify what kind of animal is hiding therein for your own safety. It will also help you to employ the most effective strategy of clearing out your attic.

Rats love to hide in the attic, so are squirrels and birds. Bats can also hide inside. Critters, on the other hand, excel in the setting and you can tell what kind of animal is hiding there by looking at the;

  • Ducts because raccoons love to rip ducts apart.
  • Urine and drops are commonly from birds and rats.
  • Nests and loft pests noise is a sign of birds, rodents, and squirrels.
  • Disturbed insulation is a sign of raccoons and squirrels because they love to chew on the wires.
  • Scratching in ceiling at night.
  • Squirrels make a lot of scampering squirrel sounds.
  • Rats squeak at night and make noise in loft during day.
  • Raccoons also whine, growl, hiss like snakes, they love to whimper and snarl.

Therefore, carefully assess the type of animal in your attic to safely and effectively remove it. Remember, with the right equipment, it becomes easy to get rid of rodents among other animals in your attic.


1. Getting rid of rats

Rats love the attic because it is safe and quiet. You will know that your attic is a home of rats if you notice large fecal matter everywhere. This is because rats use urine and feces to mark their territory. Such indicators will also help you to set your trap. Use grease marks to identify the place where the rats love to pass through and set your trap there. Clean up the area to prevent more rats from getting into the attic. Seal all path holes in your house or home to keep rats and mice away.

To efficiently get rid of rats and mice, you need to use wooden snap traps or even bait traps. If this fails, you may need to use other integrated strategies including the use of;

  • Rodent proofing materials.
  • Rodenticides.
  • Harborage reductions.

You can also stuff rags into a suspected entry hole and check afterward to determine if the rags have been moved. If it has been moved, use a one-way door exclusion device to remove it as it acts as a doorway for rodents, mice, rats, and raccoons to pass through. The beauty of this trap is that the animals will not access the attic again. Wait until you are sure all raccoons on roof at night have moved before you can permanently seal the entry point.

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2. Getting rid of squirrels

You will need to identify the entry points of squirrels to get rid of them. Often, you will realize that there are missing insulations on your loft eaves. Such are common places where squirrels pass through. Therefore, it is wise that you use steel mesh to get rid of the animals or to block their entry and prevent squirrel poison attic in your premise.

You can also use advanced one-way exclusion door at the opening of your attic. This will allow the squirrels to leave but they will not have a way back. To effectively manage squirrels, you need to know;

  • How do squirrels defend themselves?
  • Why do squirrels make noise?
  • What do baby squirrels sound like?
  • Get a pic of squirrel poop.

Similarly, having an idea of such will always help you to know if there is a raccoon or squirrel in attic.

You can also put traps on the roof near the squirrel’s entry point. However, traps are not very effective and they may trap only a few squirrels.

If you must use traps to get rid of the animals, ensure they are effective, durable and are of the highest quality. Check on the quality of the wire used and ensure it is a heavy duty trap.  This is because they work well for different animals including squirrels, opossums, rats, and mice.

3. Getting rid of pigeons

Pigeons easily access the attic through broken vents, attic windows, and broken or damaged eaves. They can also access through the attic window and you will need to open it to get birds out of attic.

If they enter through broken eaves, you will need to shoo the birds out and fix the vents or eaves. If you find eggs in the attic, it is wise that you consult relevant authorities to determine effective bird removal from attic strategies.

4. Getting rid of bats

Bats love to live in dark places and you need to look out for bats in loft signs such as bat feces. You cannot trap them as this is illegal. Using kill bats is also illegal and it can create a biohazard in your building. The best way to remove bats is to use bat exclusion strategy. The basic trick here is to get rid of the bats and seal them permanently to prevent reentry. Remember, bats have a way of migrating back to the building. Therefore, after getting rid of them, seal all crevices in your building and even the tiniest holes because they can always squeeze through.

In addition, it is always recommended that you clean the attic after the bats are gone. Bats leave behind urine and droppings that can lead to the growth of fungus that poses a threat of respiratory and lung infections.

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5. Snakes in the attic

Snakes can also live in the attic. While ammonia and mothballs may be used to remove snakes from the attic, they are not effective. In this regard, you need to understand how to get rid of vermin in the loft. Start by first getting rid of rats in the attic because snakes feed on them. Rats attract snakes. Once you eliminate rats, shut any holes or crevices that snakes may have used to access the attic. You can also use snake traps inside the attic to eliminate them.

6. Permit professional wildlife or animal removal

Once you have explored the use of traps and other advanced ways of removing animals from your attic, you can try professional attic pest control. Professionals have the expertise and they understand what it takes to get rid of different types of animals including snakes and skunks from your attic.

In many states, snakes, squirrels, bats, and raccoons are considered protected animals/wildlife. This means that you ought to use only the recommended ways of removing them from your attic. What’s more, you may need a special license or permit to set traps in your property. However, professionals have the expertise and the tools to safely remove the animal trapped from your premise.

Therefore, you need to consult with relevant authorities, understand the regulations governing such animals and get an expert to get the job done professionally and legally. The wildlife department, as well as the fish and game commission, are some of the best places to seek help.

animal loft

Remember, there are always exceptions to the rule; there’s something in my loft. Your professional understands that in the event where animals or wildlife pose a health threat or risk to livestock, professional disposal or removal of the animal is allowed.

Once you eliminate the animals, efficiently clean the attic. This is to prevent bad odor coming out of your attic and to prevent the growth of histoplasmosis spores that can cause serious lung infections. Rat poop can cause a dozen major health conditions. What’s more, animal poop often attract other animals. Therefore, be sure to efficiently clean the attic and prevent reentry of the animals.

Most importantly, seek the help of a building expert to help you seal and fill all crevices that provide entry of the animals into your loft. Quick Roofs LTD expert is your ideal solution as it specializes in professional roofing and filing services.

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