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Understanding the Different Types of Roofing

Picking the Residential roofing are much like choosing your apparels; they come in different forms and varieties and so you are literally spoilt for choices! Each possesses their own pros and cons and so, while picking one for your “home sweet home” you must know in details about them all.

Because the roof of the house plays an important architectural significance in maintaining the entire structure beautifully. So, today let us discuss some of the most preferred types of roofing that will provide both looks and sustenance to our homes.

Find out more about the types of roofing

  • Asphalt shingles

    This is one of the most popular roof shingles in and around the UK. They are a bit thinner as compared to the other shingles but their durability is much more. They work wonders in cooling your house by working as a shield in guarding the heat against penetrating into the house through the roof. It is low cost and energy efficient but if you choose the traditional thicker equivalent of the asphalt shingles them it might cost you a little more than the budget for the thinner shingles.

  • Tile shingles

    This type of shingle is preferred by those homeowners who look for long durable roofing services to protect their houses of all the natural and artificial calamities. The tile shingles, if maintained properly has the ability to last for almost 70-80 years and that makes it a perfect choice for home exteriors which have the Mediterranean flair or are Spanish themed.

  • Wood shingles

    These are costlier amongst all the roof shingles but the durability and appearance are worth all the penny. When you choose the right kind of wood for your rooftop shingle, then the lifespan can be of almost a decade or so. The best choice of wood is the redwood or the cedar roof varieties for making the roof shingles look aesthetic and provides a long-term layering of protection as well.

  • Metal roofs

    This type of roof construction is popular amongst those homeowners who have a flat or steep roofline. When the metal used is galvanized, the cost is cut down to a budgeted level. The low-cost feature is one of the primary reasons why people prefer going for metal rooftops. It also provides almost 6-7 years of durability and thus, it is an easy choice for the homeowners to use it as the roofing on their homes.

  • Pyramid roofs

    As is evident by the name, a pyramid roof has the shape of a pyramid that is mainly installed on the minuscule portions of a house. The small structures like pool houses, garages, etc. are benefitted well by this kind of roofing.

  • Flat roofs

    For the roofing contractors, flat roofs are most easy to build as compared to the other types of roofing systems. They are simple and easily accessible but one negative point about them is that dust particles can accumulate easily on these kinds of roofing. So, the maintenance has to be regular to keep it clean and efficient in the long run.

  • Saltbox roofs

    These roofs are adored by those homeowners who want their rooftops to look visibly appealing. The unique styling features of the saltbox roofs serve to be a visual treat for the onlookers. These types of roofing are chiefly formulated on houses that have a single and double storey on opposite sides because they possess contrasting lengths and long asymmetrical pitch as the roof designing.

  • Mansard roofs

    These type of roofs have four slopes of construction. Each side of your home would possess two slopes and the lowest one is always steeper than the upper slope. It has a unique feature of ‘French aesthetic’ which lets the homeowners have extra storage space in the upper portion of their houses.

  • Skillion roofs

    This roofing is carried out on a single slope and can be called a hybrid of the flat roof and the triangular roof. It is observed, in many cases that the Skillion roofs are used only for the roofing of one section of the house to keep it minimal yet eye-catching. The cost is also not that high and one can easily afford this roofing.

The final take

When we talk about the roofing of our houses, the things that we focus deeply on are the cost of its installation, the durability, the aesthetic and traditional values, a great visual outlook and other smaller details. When we get satisfied with all these qualities in a roofing, only then do we finalize it for our houses.

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