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8 Common Roofing Problems | Infographic

The roof of your house is what stands between you and the harsh and unpredictable British weather. That is a huge reason why people in the UK cannot afford to glance over minor issues with their roofs. There is also an economic benefit to maintaining and repairing your roof on time. For instance, it could save you a lot of money on replacing your roof.

But what are the problems that the roofing of your house usually faces? Water, for one. Damage because of water is among the most common roofing problems for homes. There could be multiple reasons for the roof to leak and let water inside. At the same time, it is nothing that a competent provider of roofing services cannot fix.

Shrinkage of the membrane and faulty roof flashing are among the less common types of roof defects. In fact, the latter is often caused due to improper installation. That said, it is also common for the flashing to wear out and giveaway after several years of usage. But if those were the most uncommon house roof problems, tree damage and blocked gutters are arguably the most frequent causes of roof damage.

The infographic below talks about those and other common roofing problems and solutions. Some of these issues can be solved by a provider of roof cleaning services while certain others might need proper repairs. Either way, it is important to get your roofing problems sorted out at an early stage.

If your roof is battling any one or more of the problems listed below, call us today. Quick Roofs LTDĀ is a well-known and reputed provider of various roofing services in Essex and its surrounding areas. Our roof related services include new roof installation, gutter cleaning and repairing, roofing and chimney refurbishment.

common roofing problems

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