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15 Things to Consider When Converting Your Loft Space

Homeowners are these days getting more creative and utilising the opportunity of making such a great lifetime investment. Besides being able to spend quality time with family members, friends and colleagues, many homeowners are nowadays making home renovation a way of life. They have become more thoughtful in dealing with small space and storage problems.

A loft conversion is one strategy that has become a darling craze among homeowners. A building is made up of many features, and a loft is one of the areas many homeowners are investing in these days. The loft is merely a storage space that is under the roof of a building and can be accessed using a hatch and ladder.

When it comes to loft conversion, it is not an easy undertaking, and it can be quite daunting. It is a procedure that involves transforming the loft space into a new room or area that can serve many other purposes. You can convert this new space into a storage room, bedroom, gym or an office. All you need is to comprehend the procedure of converting loft space into a meaningful home feature.

Why You Need to Convert Your Loft Space

You cannot just think of the loft space in your home and think of making modifications right away. You have to figure out where to start, what kind of material you need and what purpose will such a project serve or fulfil. In essence, you have to figure out whether small loft conversion is a project worth the money you intend to spend, or just typical kind of home alterations.

If you are thinking of converting your loft space, don’t have any reservations. You just need to prepare, plan and undertake this project in the most thoughtful manner. It is praiseworthy to look at the benefits of attic or loft conversion, and they include;

loft conversions increase the value of your home

Increasing the value of your home with a loft conversion

When you are planning to invest in your home, a lot of things will come in mind. Loft conversions should be the first home improvement idea that you should contemplate. It is a renovation choice that you can make and increase the value of your house by 10% to 20%.

These are not just words of homeowners who have converted their lofts before. Many property experts will agree that it is an idea that you should not hesitate to embark on.

Add up more space

Many people think that buying a new home is the key answer to accommodate any growing family. Others feel that when they need to make lifestyle changes, moving into a new and bigger house is the best solution. However, with the ever-surging prices of homes and demanding lifestyles, converting a loft into a room is one of the incredible ways of adding up more space to an existing home.

It is also a great way to save money and improve your lifestyle without any remorse. You don’t require robust modifications to convert your loft into extra space. The whole loft conversion roof truss modification process is better and less demanding than moving into a new home.

A chance to save extra money and peace of mind

Moving from one home to another in the hunt for additional space is a costly affair. You will not have to spare your precious time, but also spend money in the process. With loft or attic modification, you just need to stay in the area. You will not have to move your children to new schools, find a new means to commute to work or find a new job, or have to endure the stress of starting a new life.

Make your home more energy efficient

Poor insulation is one major cause of energy loss in many homes. A lot of heat in homes escapes through the roof. However, by converting your attic, you get an opportunity to add better insulation to your home.

This is an excellent undertaking as you will make necessary reinforcements to the walls, floors and ceilings that help control heat loss in your home. It is a simple project that you will save you from frequent heating bills.

Key Things to Guide You Convert Your Loft Space

You cannot just think of converting a loft or get the idea from a loved one and decide to implement it immediately. Attic renovation is not a simple project that you can just undertake in a single day or as you perceive it. You have to plan and have a faultless loft modification guidebook.

If you have a step by step guide on turning the loft into living space, then you can go on and do it yourself. However, if this is the very first time you want to undertake such a project, it is wise to seek professional services. And before you jump into loft modification project, here are 15 key things to put into consideration;

Access to the loft

Before you go deep into the loft conversion project, you have to put into account how you are going to access the loft. Getting access to the loft may be a tricky undertaking. You need to consider what you will use to access the loft. You will have to consider the number and length of stairs into the loft.

The loft space

To access your loft and make modifications, you have to consider the available space. You don’t need to create a loft that you will not have enough space to use. Consider the space options you have and get the measurements right.

The height of the loft

As you focus on the best loft space design, consider the height or headroom. Your loft should be approximately 190cm, which is the least possible ceiling height. If your loft does not meet your desired height measurements, you can either lower or raise the house roof.

The weight of the loft

To turn the loft space to a fantastic and functional room, you need to put weight into consideration. You have to figure out what you will be using the new area for. You need to make reinforcements that will support all the activities you intend to undertake.

If it’s a space for a new gym, you have to consider the weight of the equipment you will be using. So, if you are using professional services, inform your specialist ahead of time what you intend to use the room for.
Materials to use

There are various materials for loft modifications, and you need to go for materials that will meet your project needs. To get the right materials, you need to seek advice on what is necessary for the project.

Loft Planning Permission

Loft Planning Permission

Most of the loft modification projects don’t need planning permission. However, there are circumstances when it’s necessary. Loft planning permissions vary from one authority body to another. Certain loft stairs regulations will apply as you try to create more space in your house. Consider all the loft conversions requirements before you undertake your project.

DIY or seek help

Many people wish to undertake the loft renovation projects themselves and save more money, but it is not an easy undertaking. It is advisable at all times to hire professional loft builders as they have robust experience, are well-trained and licensed. With the help of a professional, you will not have to stress about loft conversion stairs regulations. Their expertise is handy.

Loft Cost

The cost of converting your loft will vary depending on the size of your house and space you intend to put into use. With the help of a professional, you will get the whole project estimates and free quotes that can aid come up with a satisfying budget.

A unique loft is any house on sale is a major attraction among many home buyers. So, undertake this project without any worries and you will gain immensely after the sale of your home.

Electricity and Lighting

Like any other room in your house, you also need electricity and proper lights in your loft space. An efficient loft light is necessary irrespective of the function of the space. You need to choose the location, install a switch box and have all the necessary electrical items properly plugged. Seek the help of a lighting expert.

Loft Plumbing

If you are planning loft conversion with ensuite or an amazing bathroom, you need to consider all the necessary plumbing. Know what will go where and ensure the system is installed correctly.

Natural light source

Lighting your loft should not just be limited to side-table lamps and LED bulbs. Natural light is the best form of home lighting you can get. As you figure out what to do with a small loft space, consider the best window alterations to make.

Loft Insulation

You need to mind the flow of heat in your loft space. As you pay much attention to the design of loft conversion stairs, be cautious on the criteria you use to insulate your loft area. Insulate your loft in a way that it will not lose any heat and the entire space will stay warm and comfy.

Loft Insurance Options

Loft Insurance Options

If you are doing it yourself and managing the whole project, decide on the best conversion insurance. This cover will cater to new projects and your existing house. Keep in mind most home insurance companies exclude loss or property damage even as it is under renovation. Go for the best site insurance providers who will ensure the conversion project is a success.

Loft Fire Safety

You need to mind your safety and that of loved ones as you convert your loft space. Make sure the new loft will be able to offer at least 30 minutes’ worth of fire safety or protection. Go for loft material that can protect you against fire.

Extra features

It is also wise to consider any other extra features in your loft that can quickly increase the value of your home. For instance, you can opt for an ensuite bathroom or a balcony that any home buyer will undoubtedly fall in love with.

The Bottom Line

Converting your loft space is a great project that should be undertaken with a lot of care, expertise and knowledge. If you have such a home improvement idea in mind and don’t know how to build a loft space, fret not. There is a reputed company waiting to lend a helping hand.

Quick Roofs Ltd has impeccable expertise and experience needed to convert any loft space. We guarantee excellent services that will exceed your expectations. So if you need a professional builder or roofer in Billericay and Essex, just contact us for more details and we will get in touch with you without any reservations.

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